5 Most Popular Cars To Finance in Canada

You have already decided to buy a car in Canada but you are not sure which car to purchase. If your are not sure what car you should choose, here is a list of best-selling cars in Canada in 2016.



  • Honda Civic


This new tenth generation of Honda Civic is definitely the best-selling car in Canada. It is a great family car to choose. The price of Civic Sedan starts from $16,155 without additional fees and taxes.



  • Hyundai Elantra


The sixth generation of Elantra is also a compact car and is also very stylish. There is a large trunk, so you have enough room for your luggage. Moreover, warranty coverage is quite long. The price without taxes and insurance starts from $16,000.



  • Toyota Corolla


It is a relatively small sedan that can really suit all your needs. Even though is a small car, it has enough legroom. Moreover, it is fuel-efficient. Its price starts from $16,220 without the fees.



  • Chevrolet Cruze


A very convenient car, highly economic. It has enough legroom. It has 5 seats, a navigation, and a 6-speed manual. Its warranty lasts three years. The price of a Cruze is $15,995 without additional fees.



  • Mazda 3


Very pleasant car for driving, and a very good car to choose, it is stylish, equipped with great technology, economic, so its value is really good. Its price with no taxes or fees added is $15,550.


As you have probably realized, these cars are not bestsellers for no reason. All of them are compact cars, very economic and very stylish. Moreover, they are not so expensive for financing.

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